Services to Schools

I aim to support schools and preschool settings, offering high quality practical advice about Speech, Language and Communication needs of the pupils.

Your child may be seen at nursery or school. This means they are seen in familiar surroundings and minimises disruption to their education and learning.

If you would like to discuss how I can support your setting please contact me.


The universal level - assist all children develop their speech language and communication potential. This can be achieved through training and information, so that I am enabling others to provide communicative environments and supporting individuals to understand speech and language development and disorder.


The targeted level – ensuring children are given SMART goals to optimise their communication skills. This can be achieved through speech and language assessments, used to create objectives and resources, enabling others to carry out activities to attain speech and language goals.


The specialist level – ensure children optimise their speech and language skills by offering direct intervention. This can be achieved through a speech and language therapist carrying out activities to attain speech and language goals.